Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flashback Thursday: Mansun "Negative"

"Negative" was the third single off of Mansun's second album, Six, released in 1998. While the band had just one minor hit here in the States (with "Wide Open Space"), this record solidified the band's standing as one of the biggest bands of the time in their homeland. Two different versions of this record were released, with the US and UK getting drastically different artwork, mixes, and sequencing, but "Negative" was one of the pieces that remained the same on both versions.

After this record, the band released one more album before disbanding in 2003. A fourth record was nearly completed, and it was included in the three disc Kleptomania collection, which the band put out in '06. Lead singer Paul Draper has recently performed solo and is working on a debut album.

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