Monday, April 07, 2008

Håkan Hellström

Myspace // "För Sent För Edelweiss" [mp3]

I spent a lot of time over the weekend trying to track down info about Håkan Hellström, but most of the sites I came across were in Swedish. Thanks to Wikipedia, I was able to fill in the pieces. Hellström started out his music career young, spending time in the indie rock outfit Broder Daniel, but at the turn of the millennium, he began to focus on his solo c areer full time. This year sees the release of fifth disc, För Sent För Edelweiss, yet another disc that fits nicely next to Nicolai Dunger or Kristoffer Ragnstam.


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Anonymous Lennard said...

Håkan Hellström is one of the most important swedish artists. he is at the moment nominated for six swedish grammys.. since he left broder daniel in 1999 and began his solo career he became the swedish superstar. in 2001 he also became the göteborgian of the year! mostly for his first album känn ingen säng för mig göteborg. the funny thing is, he is unknown in the rest of europe, like here in germany where i live because he sings in swedish. poor world.

3:05 PM EST  

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