Thursday, April 03, 2008

Let's Wrestle

Myspace // "I Won't Lie To You" [mp3]

"Let's Wrestle are the most miserable and hateful band in London," so heralds the Stolen Recordings' website. It's a ridiculous claim, as everybody knows that Kate Nash is easily the most miserable and hateful person in the British music scene for cruelly subjecting the world to her music. Though the label's statement definitely seems like posturing, I am infatuated with Let's Wrestle nonetheless because their EP, In Loving Memory Of, is seventeen minutes of pure slacker rock bliss. I sorta see t
he London three piece as a lo-fi cross between The Cribs and The Rakes with a little of Eddie Argos' (Art Brut) talky singing style thrown in for good measure. And just like the aforementioned bands, Let's Wrestle's songs feature incredibly catchy choruses and memorable lyrics ("It's not cool to be nice, so I won't be nice") that will stay in your head for days on end.

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