Friday, April 04, 2008


Myspace // "Flybus! [mp3]

Bands that name themselves after cities, states and countries tend to miss the mark when it comes to the actual quality of their music. Just to name a few, Boston, Kansas and Alabama are all complete and utter shit. Iceland, an otherworldly place to most of those not from there, has bucked the trend once again with Reykjavik!, a quintet that also hails from the national capital.

On their debut EP, they go straight for the throat with spastic tunes like "Flybus!" and "You Always Kill," but are able to retain a pop sheen on the tuneful "O, Lord." Reykjavik, a city with just 118,000 people, sees only four hours of daylight in the winter, but the summer nights are almost as bright as the days. It's this type of environment, in the world's most liveable city, that is conducive to creativity, and it shows -- this country has produced countless unique bands over the years and there is no sign that it will ever stop.

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Anonymous Big Gray said...

Alabama's utter shit? Their production and harmonies were astounding. They could write whip-tight songs that would put any of these indie bands to shame.

And, yes, I'm serious.

9:07 AM EDT  

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