Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Interpol: New Album & Tour

I've always had a weird relationship with Interpol. Before their first album, I thought they were way overhyped, but with Antics, I thought the band deserved more attention, as it was an album I listened to non-stop for months. With Our Love To Admire, the band kisses Matador and their indie cred goodbye by joining the Capitol Music Group. Although I am sure there is an army of kids out there ready to say "I liked their first one more," I have high hopes for this new disc. The band is going everywhere this summer, except for Boston and New York. Maybe when they're played to a packed house at the Borgata in AC, they'll remember how fun we are here in New England, or I'll be roadtripping to Montreal.

5-27 George, WA - The Gorge (Sasquatch!)
5-31 Dallas, TX - The Palladium
6-02 Atlanta, GA - HiFi Buys Amphitheatre (99X Big Day Out)
6-03 Chicago, IL - Metro
6-07 Toronto, Ontario - The Guverment
6-09 San Francisco, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre (Live 105 BFD 07)
6-10 San Diego, CA - Devore Stadium (94/9 Independence Jam)
7-19 Rochester, NY - Harro East Ballroom
7-20 Atlantic City, NJ - Music Box @ Borgata
7-21 Norfolk, VA - Norva
7-23 Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
7-24 Pittsburgh, PA - Byham
7-25 Columbus, OH - The LC Amphitheatre
7-27 Grand Rapids, Michigan - Orbit Room
7-28 Detroit, MI - MI State
7-30 Milwaukee, WI - Rave
7-31 Indianapolis, IN - Egyptain
8-01 St. Louis, MO - Pageant
8-03 Covington, KY - Madison Theatre
8-04 Chicago, IL - Grant Park (Lollapalooza)
8-05 Baltimore, MD - Pimlico Race Course (V Festival)
9-08 Montreal, Quebec – Osheaga Music and Arts Festival

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[Stream] "The Heinrich Maneuver"


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