Monday, April 23, 2007

Mersaultmusic + Shows in Boston This Week

I was bound to be a fan of London band, Mersaultmusic. As good friends with one of my favorite bands The Far Cries and recent signees to Fleet Street Records, it was basically pre-destined. Mersaultmusic play a furious brand of post punk that reminds me at times of The Talking Heads. It's probably the staccato lyrics, machine gun beats and huge screaming choruses that evoke that whole art rock scene from the 80s... who knows. All that really matters is that their songs will get in your head and stay there a while. Mersaultmusic are quickly becoming one of my favorite new bands and definitely are a band to watch in the coming months.

[mp3] "Our Song"

This Week In Boston
04.24: Damone/The Charms/Scamper @ TT The Bears
04.24: Brand New/Kevin Devine @ Avalon
04.25: Devin The Dude @ Great Scott
04.25: Damone/The Snowleopards @ TT The Bears
04.25: Josh Rouse @ The Paradise
04.26: Dr. Dog/The Teeth @ Great Scott
04.27: The Pill [f/ Pela] @ Great Scott
04.27: Modest Mouse @ The Orpheum
04.28: Acid Mothers Temple @ Middle East Up
04.28: Mittens @ Great Scott
04.28: Kenna @ The Paradise
04.28: Guru’s Jazzamatazz @ Middle East Down
04.28: Spoon @ MFA
04.29: Rock Plaza Central/The Young Republic @ Great Scott
04.29: Amon Tobin @ The Paradise
04.29: Wolfmother @ Avalon


Anonymous Amin said...

I'm Amin; axeman for mersaultmusic. It's great that you are digging our noise.


2:58 PM EDT  

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