Thursday, April 19, 2007


Whoever wrote Boddicker's bio deserves a round of applause, because it reads like a Harry Potter book. From the floor of his bedroom in Oxford, Mississippi, young Caleb Boddicker recorded his first collection of songs at the tender age of 16. He would later sell over a thousand copies of the album--apparently earmarking the funds for his college education. One of those cds landed in the hands of Pinback, another in the hands of Merge Records... but young Caleb wanted to stay the course with his education and initially declined the glitz and glamour of record contracts and touring. Yada yada yada, he found his way to Banter Records at 20 and recorded an album entitled Big Lionhearted And The Gallant Man which is slated for release on April 24th.

From the initial songs that I've heard, Boddicker is a true artist. One listen to "Pretty Baby (Part 1)" and you'll see what I mean. "Pretty Baby (Part 1)" is little more than an idea, a small snippet of a vocal line that hiccups and repeats throughout the course of the song. Underneath that vocal line, Boddicker adds surprising little elements like xylophone flourishes, erratic guitar strums, and spastic percussion. It all comes together into one lush whirlwind of sound--whirlwind being the key word, as it is complicated, grating, and full of pulsing energy.

Three additional songs are available to download on Banter Records' website, all of which are interesting, compelling artistic statements. You should jump on the Boddicker bandwagon now, before Pitchfork deifies him as the next Sufjan Stevens or Bright Eyes (it's just a matter of time). Sidenote: if you think the songs sound reminiscent of Modest Mouse, don't worry you're not crazy. Brian Deck plays percussion on the album and influenced the construction of the songs in the role of producer. Now, if only he'd pull some strings and get Boddicker the opening slot on Modest Mouse's world tour...

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[mp3] "Pretty Baby (Part I)"


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Originality at its best.I would describe this artist as one of few writers who does not let logic restrict or place him within categories.I tap my foot to the majority of music i hear,where as i listen to this.keep up the good work and dont let the industry change you

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