Monday, January 15, 2007

Boston: Shows [Week of 01.15.07]

01.16: The Dears/Annuals @ The Paradise
01.16: Sloan @ Middle East Down
01.19: The Pill @ Great Scott
01.19: Cute Is What We Aim For @ Northeastern University
01.20: Mission Of Burma @ The Paradise
01.20: Girl Talk @ Middle East Up
01.20: Freezepop @ TT The Bears
01.20: The Big Sleep/Pinebender @ Great Scott
01.21: An Albatross @ Great Scott

As usual, the winter weather in Boston is awful, keeping me inside for most of the weekend, and unfortunately it's not going to get any better. It's going to snow today or tomorrow and top out at 20 degrees on Wednesday -- this really isn't the type of weather I can get psyched about.

Last night after hitting the bar, I ended up at The Paradise and my first experience with "Happy Endings," easily the best dance night I've been to yet in Boston, but that's not really saying much because most of them have sucked. Anyway, I am not sure how often this goes down, but it's a lot of fun, with the DJs veering between Oasis, Justin Timberlake, New Order, Pulp and whatever else they might like. My night ended up at some random Emerson kids' apartment in Brighton watching the severely underrated "Trapped In The Closet." Where's the remaining eight or nine parts that R. Kelly promised us?


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