Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Aquarium

Washington DC is filled with great bands -- there is just something about the capital that promotes creatvity and great music, and it's not just the Fugazi/Jawbox post hardcore variety either. The bands in the city, and more specifically the bands on Dischord, represent an amazing cross-section of disparate styles. Packing the same excitement and politics of their forebears, The Aquarium take on the indie, but from a minimalistic stance that merge a Wurlitzer and old synth with on-point drumming, like a version of Quasi for The District. The band's debut LP was released last year to critical acclaim, and join an ever growing list of bands that are exploring every corner of the sonic spectrum in DC.

[MySpace] The Aquarium
[mp3] "Can't Afford To Live Here"
[mp3] "Golden Pyramid"


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