Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sure Juror

Holy shit, it's 2007! And I didn't do anything debaucherous last night, unless you would consider watching nine episodes of Veronica Mars to be wild and crazy. I might have to argue for crazy because that's all I watched for five days.

Upon discovering that one of my old college buddies was in a band, I was non-plussed. A number of them were in bands, but most weren't very good, so I didn't hold my breath. I quickly changed my tune when I heard Sure Juror's debut, an album filled with quirky tunes that took the sound that Nuetral Milk Hotel perfected and moved it into the space age. The band is back this year with a brand new album, SMUT, one that is sure to bring even more blog love their direction. I haven't put my finger on a favorite track yet, but like the best albums, I'll change my mind of that weekly and months later decide that every song is awesome. If you're around NYC, look out for them in local clubs, including an Underrated-sponsored show on January 27th at Sin-e. More are shows are pending for the winter, and of course I'll keep you updated on those.

[MySpace] Sure Juror
[mp3] "Harry Reems And The Bill Of Rights"
[mp3] "Smut"


Anonymous rachael said...

veronica mars is sooooo goood. almost as good as sure juror. ;)

12:23 PM EST  
Blogger Ryan of the RSL blog said...

Your friend is in Sure Juror? That's cool. I really like "The Drive Will Do You Good" and "Making Friends Has Never Been So Easy."

Happy New Year.

10:21 PM EST  

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