Monday, January 01, 2007

Boston: Shows [Week of 01.01.07]

01.03: Kay Hanley @ TT The Bears
01.05: Kimchee Records 10th Anniversary @ TT The Bears
01.05: The Pill @ Great Scott
01.06: Missing Persons @ Middle East Down

Sorry if anyone missed me during my week-plus break, but I needed to get away for awhile. It's not like I don't like spending my time posting about new music on Exitfare, but every now and then I need to put it on the backburner. I needed to relax, and I did just that, spending time with the family back in PA and many hours in front of the TV. Over the past five days, I've watched every episode of Veronica Mars -- let's just say that I am hooked. Also, I have at least two weeks worth of posts written in my head, which bodes well for this year. If 2006 was any indication, this new year should be filled with some really great new music! New music will be back tomorrow.


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