Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Maccabees

When I picked up the NME's year end wrap-up issue a few weeks ago, I had a little laugh to myself when looking at James Jam's singles of the year, as he picked "Lego" from The Maccabees at #5. Fortunately for us, we noticed the tune when it was first released, back in late 2005, when it became an off-the-bat favorite. This is yet another reason why I should be writing for NME, so editors if you're reading, hire me.

But onto more important things, like the fact that The Maccabees are on a label now, as they recently signed with Polydor in the UK, who will be putting their record out in February. Not sure about title, track listing or even the exact date, but the album is sure to be filled with the same spiky post-Libertines workouts that have crowded the band's four singles, many of the same songs I obsessed over for most of last year. Not to be outdone, but the band will be taking the show on the road all over the UK this winter and hopefully not inciting the riot that they did last year.

"First Love"

[MySpace] The Maccabees
[mp3] "First Love"
[mp3] "Latchmere"


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