Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Favourite Sons: New Album

For all of those people out there keeping tabs on vacation, I am currently sitting at a desk in my hotel room under the TV in just my swim trunks. I am still waiting on my luggage and I got a pretty nasty sunburn. Outside of that, things are going pretty well -- I've been spending my days laying on the beach and swimming in the very clear Atlantic. Paris Hilton is doing a meet and greet down the street tonight, but I think I am going to hang out with the American Apparel cashier that flashed her belly button at me. Or not. But I guess you're here for the music!

NYC's Favourite Sons rock it like Nick Cave jamming with Interpol, and on their debut album Down Beside Beside Your Beauty, they craft a collection of songs that is smart, brooding and memorable. The album drops on September 12th through Vice Records. Totally awesome. Well, I am going to take care of this burn and I'll get some vacation pics up for you.

MySpace: Favourite Sons

Audio: "Hang On, Girl"


Blogger mp3hugger said...

Do you know what's great about Favourite Sons, it contains one of Ireland's favourite sons, Ken Griffin of Rollerskate Skinny fame. Hooray!

12:31 PM EDT  

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