Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Larrikin Love

I’ve spent the last week touring northern Thailand, visiting Buddhist temples, riding elephants, avoiding avian flu, navigating vast night markets, and, yesterday, even traipsing through floodwaters. I headed south today to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where I’ll stay for the next few days while traveling to Angkor Wat and other temples hidden in the jungle. Other than the sightseeing (which has been incredible), I’ve been exploring the deep, dark depths of my Ipod—checking out bands that I haven’t listened to in years (Luscious Jackson) and discovering others that, until now, I completely overlooked (Larrikin Love).

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Over the last few months, London four-piece Larrikin Love has been keeping busy. After wrapping up their first headlining tour of the UK in April, they joined The Zutons in May, released their fourth single in June, and then finished recording their debut album, The Freedom Spark (due out sometime later in the year). Next up? A huge batch of UK dates, including the humongous Leeds and Reading Festivals.

I think this band really has the potential to blow up. Firstly, they are young, British, and sing with the type of brash attitude that has been all the rage recently. Secondly, singer Michael Larrikin writes the most memorable lyrics. Ranging from the witty to the nihilistic, gems like “England has nothing more to offer me” will surely stay with you. What really sets Larrikin Love apart is the fact that they experiment with a wide range of influences from punk to bluegrass, allowing them to craft songs that are completely unforgettable. Ever think you’d hear a fiddle solo in the middle of a dance punk song? Try “Edwould,” a song that is quirky and fun in a boozy sort of way.

Myspace: Larrikin Love
Audio: “Edwould”


Blogger Lucas said...

Dude, thank you thank you thank you for having the City Hall free show posted on your blog. If I missed a chance to see TV on the Radio for free, well, not sure what I would have done. YYY's are ok but not really my thing.

10:23 AM EDT  
Blogger Beth said...

This is the best post ever.

8:59 PM EDT  

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