Thursday, August 10, 2006


[Photo Credit: Cameron Ingalls]

I don't know much about Briertone -- there's no little press release in my hands telling me about their hopes and dreams or some silly anecdote on how they got together or what they did when they were in college. All I know is that they are from Los Angeles and they have been kicking my ass lately. The band takes the Americana formula and gives it a serious indie rock kick in the ass. Look for their Sojourners EP, which is out now on Something Sacred and a national tour later this fall.

MySpace: Briertone
Audio: "Philip And I"


Blogger gadfan99 said...

Hey! Good stuff...

You should check out the new Gatsby's American Dream self-titled album that just hit stores this Tuesday, August 8th!

4:52 PM EDT  
Blogger JAX said...

hahaha thats hilarious. you just got comement spam from fearless.

4:59 PM EDT  

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