Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dirty Pretty Things

[Photo Credit: Roger Sargent]

Beth Mueller

l admit it, I was never a fan of The Libertines. Although the band always seemed to make compelling music, I never particularly liked Pete Doherty's voice. Plus, I should add that I have this debilitating mental block against groups that get more attention for their dramatic tabloid antics than their music. I just can't seem to listen to their music without thinking of sarcastic, largely inappropriate jokes at their expense (did you hear that one about Whitney Houston and her crack dealer?).

Anyway, after Pete Doherty started to crack up, crack out, and basically stopped even coming to shows in 2004, The Libertines replaced him for the rest of the tour with singer/guitarist Anthony Rossomando. Though the band officially dissolved by the end of the year, three quarters of members would ultimately find a new home in Dirty Pretty Things.

Not straying far on the sonic spectrum, Dirty Pretty Things toes a gamut of styles from breakneck punk ("You Fucking Love It") to almost cabaret inspired Britpop ("The Enemy") though most songs fit snugly in the dancey post-punk category. Their debut, Waterloo To Anywhere, drips with punchy sarcasm, poppy riffs, and the most infectious choruses you've ever heard. Seriously, there isn't a dull moment on the entire album. One of the stand-out tracks is the riff-driven "Gin & Milk" on which Rossomando urgently demands the listener to "give me something to die for." Add me to the list of hormonal females who silently think: die for me, cutie.

If you like The Libertines, Razorlight, Maxïmo Park, or basically any of the other awesome British bands out right now, then you'll definitely want to pick up Waterloo To Anywhere when it is released stateside in August. Or go see them live, I hear they put on a great show.

08.08 – Los Angeles, CA (Henry Fonda Theatre)
08.09 – San Francisco, CA (Slim's)
08.11 – Chicago, IL (Schubas Tavern) SOLD OUT
08.13 – Boston, MA (Great Scott)
08.14 – New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)
08.15 – New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)

Buy: Waterloo To Anywhere
MySpace: Dirty Pretty Things
Audio: "Gin & Milk"


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