Monday, June 19, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 06.19.06]

06.20: Gomez @ The Paradise

06.21: The Streets/Lady Sovereign @ Avalon
The latest album from The Streets will not do anything to change their standing in the States -- it's just going to be the same indie nerds and Anglophiles rocking this, but those who are still not listening in are missing out. Mike Skinner has perfected a brand of hip hop that is regional in nature, but instead of repping the ATL or LA, he is giving big-ups to London all the way. Lady Sovereign opens.
Audio: "Prangin' Out"

06.22: The Plastic Constellations @ Middle East Up

06.23: Blanks @ Great Scott
Blanks is more or less Boston's version of Bloc Party, a group that can rock with the best of them, but is totally down with the arty remix kids. The Pill continues to be a great showcase for local bands and some of the best Friday night drunk dancing.
Audio: "Pouncer"

06.23: Nine Inch Nails/Bauhaus @ Tweeter Center

06.24: Asobi Seksu/Slow Signal Fade @ Great Scott

06.24: Buffalo Tom @ The Paradise

06.24: Keane @ Axis

06.24: Evermore @ T.T. The Bears

06.25: The Paper Chase @ Middle East Up

06.25: Morningwood/Rock Kills Kid @ Axis

06.25: Devotchka/Norfolk & Western @ T.T. The Bears


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