Friday, June 23, 2006

Primal Scream: New Album

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Primal Scream has always been all over the rock map and Riot City Blues, which hits the states on August 29th, is no different. They are embracing their soulful/blues side once again, which is a sound that brought out a lot of haters back on Give Out But Don't Give Up, but seriously guys, that was a great album and this one is totally up to par!

Buy: Riot City Blues

Primal Scream
Audio: "Country Girl" [Windows Media] | [Real Player] | [Quicktime] [Sorry, I can only offer the stream]
Video: "Country Girl"

In other news, I will be in LA from July 5th-8th, so I am looking forward to hanging with some of my West Coast buds. If you're around, let me know.


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