Tuesday, May 30, 2006

UV Tigers

Ashley AKA Jax [Am I the only person that calls her Ashley??] and I often see eye to eye on music, and another band that we are both digging is San Diego's UV Tigers. While most of the impact they have made is on the other coast, it shouldn't be long before people know them on both coasts. Their writing is tight, the songs are catchy and they have that whole futuristic/dancey thing going on that I am a sucker for.

Audio: "Next of Kin"
MySpace: UV Tigers


Blogger JAX said...

Chris calls me Ashley. JAX is just soo much easier to say. It kinda rolls off the tongue.

Plus it seems like 80% of girls born in 1984 are named "ASHLEY"

honestly what gives?

8:32 PM EDT  

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