Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sure Juror: Download Their First Album

For those of us here in the Northeast, Memorial Day weekend typifies the beginnig of the summer, and it's usually filled with plenty of BBQs, parties and music. One of the bands that has already begun to fill the soundtrack of my summer is New Jersey's Sure Juror, a band that is slowly being championed by a number of other great blogs. The band is working on their second album as we speak and over the next couple of weeks, they are posting all of the songs from their first album at their blog.

MySpace: Sure Juror
Audio: "The Once Great Gender Debate"


Also, while going through my e-mail today, I came across this track from Prototypes, which is on the band's new album on Minty Fresh, a label that is known for its sugary pop confections. Although filled with hooks, this track is straight up electropunk, the type that is designed to nuzzle up next to your Editors and White Rose Movement albums.

MySpace: Prototypes
Audio: "Je Ne Te Connais Pas"


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