Thursday, April 06, 2006


Macrock is celebrating it's 10th year and for those of you that are not in the know, it's a conference/festival run by the staff of WXJM in Harrisonburg, VA. This will be my sixth time going, and I've seen countless awesome bands in the past, like Marion Delgado, Piebald, Q & Not U, The Beauty Pill, Antelope, Rainer Maria, The Dismemberment Plan, The Rah Bras and Fugazi, just to name a few! True, it is in the middle of nowhere, but a pass for the entire weekend is just $25 and the list of bands is solid, ranging from mellow indie rock to hip hop.

This year will be no different with appearances from Masta Ace, Voxtrot, Ris Paul Ric, The Walkmen and Aloha. The full schedule is up on the Macrock site.

Audio: Voxtrot "Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives"
Audio: Aloha "Your Eyes"
Audio: Ris Paul Ric "Purple Blaze"


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