Monday, March 27, 2006

Birdmonster: Debut Album

I just got Birdmonster's debut album in the mail today and at first listen I can say that it has met all of my expectations. The band plays music that is slightly reminiscent of Modest Mouse, exploring a territory that is uniquely American with no hint of pretension -- just stories that evoke a band coming to terms with life in the information age. Lead singer Peter Arcuna comes off as Bruce Springsteen, but with his backdrop being the limitless expanse of California rather than the disorganized claustrophobia of of suburban New Jersey. These thirteen songs are an in-depth exploration on sun-baked 21st century ennui.

When I heard the initial EP, I was sold, but seeing them live was the icing on the cake. The band's intensity is unparalleled, as their sets have the power to grab the attention of the most casual fan -- all of the members put their all into every note of every song. Their shows always end with the band covered in sweat or in blood, as was the case at The Fader tent at SXSW. The true roots of the band show in this setting, as they work harder than almost any band out there, all with pumped fists, clenched teeth and an unsurmountable energy.

Buy: No Midnight
MySpace: Birdmonster
New Tracks: Check out "Spaceman" at Gorilla vs. Bear & "Balcony" at Music For Robots


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