Friday, March 31, 2006

Sound Team: New Album

I just can't handle all of the great music I am getting this week! It began with a copy of the new Birdmonster album on Monday and then yesterday afternoon, the debut long-player from Sound Team fell into my lap. Now everything I heard live at SXSW makes sense to me, as the album exhibits an expertly layered sound where each instrument is as important as the next. The vocals don't even lead the attack, as they compliment the music rather than anchoring it. Each listen gives me a new guitar part to appreciate or a new bass line that jumps out or a new lyric that I wasn't aware of previously. Like the best records out there, this one is a grower, achieving the sound that the band has always had in their heads.

MySpace: Sound Team

Audio: "Your Eyes Are Liars"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the album is good/artful/great?

I wait with bated breath!

2:05 PM EST  
Anonymous Basti said...

Your Eyes Are Liars is such an amazing track. The WORK EP is such an amazing EP. The new album can't be anything short of SUPER AMAZING WOW!

I can't wait to hear it.

10:27 AM EST  

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