Tuesday, March 14, 2006

SXSW Preview: Starlight Mints

The quirky, mini-orchestral indie pop of the Starlight Mints will find itself released in full-length form for the third time, as Drowaton gets released on Barsuk on April 25th. Previous albums (2000's Dream That Stuff Was Made Of and 2003's Built On Squares) were solid releases, abounding in string arrangements and oft-nonsensical lyrics. The new record is more of the same, but with strings taking a backseat to the more emphasized melodies. The band is doing a mere one show at SXSW, at the Barsuk/Saddle Creek showcase.

Mar 16 2006: Parish @SXSW Austin, TX

Preorder: Drowaton
MySpace: Starlight Mints
Audio: "Inside of Me"


Blogger tenni said...

i hope to god you went and saw them.

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