Friday, March 17, 2006

Exene Cervenka

I saw X play a few months ago, and for a bunch of people my parents' age (or older), they put on a show to put all those Warped Tour bands to shame. John Doe moved around as much as those old bones could handle, while Billy Zoom played some impressive guitar solos with ease, smiling nonstop. And of course, Exene Cervenka sounded just as she did in the band's heydays. Her new record with her band The Original Sinners doesn't cover much new ground, as it sounds like X crossed with her alt-country band The Knitters, but I'm not complaining. The album's called Sev7en, out on Nitro Records, and is available now.

MySpace: Exene Cervenka
Audio: "It Ain't Supposed to Be"


Anonymous Jeff said...

I saw X in Lexington KY about 2 years ago and I (like your parents) was in heaven. Just one of those bands I always loved but never figured I'd ever see live, especially with all 4 original members. DJ Bonebrake is one of my favorite drummers and Billy Zoom's demented smile is classic creepiness.

4:35 PM EST  

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