Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Minus 5

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The Minus 5 have been kicking about for well over a decade now. The band is the mastermind of Scott McCaughey, formerly of the Young Fresh Fellows, and always features a laundry list of the finest indie-leaning musicians of the moment. The latest release comes at us on Yep Roc Records and the players include Peter Buck, Jeff Tweedy, Glenn Kotche, Colin Meloy, Kelly Hogan, Ken Stringfellow and many others. Thankfully Sufjan Stevens was busy...

Audio: "Bought A Rope"


Blogger c said...

i've only recently picked up a half dozen or so songs by these guys on various blogs. i can't believe they have been around for a decade and i missed out all this time. really good stuff.

8:58 PM EST  

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