Friday, September 26, 2008


Myspace // "Hopelessly Wasted" [mp3] // "Talk to the Left" [Video]

Brighton is slowly gaining on Leeds as the best place for new music in England. The band takes the early '90s DIY punk thing and updates it for the future. They might be all too familiar to some, but it's the unique personality of the band that makes them stand out. If you've ever wondered what Bis would sound like if they were all riot-grrl and hailed from Seattle, this may very well be it. The band's debut album was just released last week, and you can pick it up here.

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Blogger Beth said...

That's a rock band? They look like they just stepped off the compound...

1:18 PM EDT  
Blogger Edward said...

hey, that mp3 (actually a m4a I think) link isn't I too late? That's the best of their tracks on MySpace....

5:58 PM EDT  

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