Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dirty Pretty Things: New Song!

Dirty Pretty Things

Myspace // "Hippy's Son" [mp3]

Dirty Pretty Things released a teaser track off of their forthcoming album Romance At Short Notice yesterday entitled "Hippy's Son." If the song is any indication of the musical direction of the rest of the album, then fans of their first album should be prepared for a bit of a shock. Instead of the punchy sarcasm, poppy riffs, and almost cabaret influenced British punk that made Waterloo To Anywhere so enjoyable, "Hippy's Son" sounds like a mix of psychedelic stoner rock and Britpop with a particularly gritty sounding Carl Barat on the mic. I don't know, maybe the track will grow on me but I'm hoping that the album's first proper single "Tired of England" will blow this song out of the water. Dirty Pretty Things' album will be released in the United Kingdom on June 30.

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