Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Great Escape Preview: The More Assured

Myspace // "Zones" [mp3] // "You Do It Pretty Well" [Buy]

When a band comes along that shakes up a music scene, they are always followed by a ton of imitators, some bad and some that are good. The Libertines brought about a lot of copycats, but London's The More Assured fall into the latter group, also being part of a larger network of capital area (post) teenage bands that are starting to garner international notice. Among these are Kets, FortyFives, Lo-Fi Culture Scene and former band of the week, Pull in Emergency. The band has just a few singles out, all of which are out of print except for the latest one, "I Wanna Be a Sex Offender." Their next show will be a slot at this year's Great Escape in Brighton (England) on May 15th -- easily on the top of the list of bands we want (NEED) to see.

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