Monday, May 12, 2008

The Great Escape Preview: Damn Shames

Myspace // "Fear of Assault" [mp3]

Damn Shames are a three piece from Edinburgh that play a high octane brand of electro-punk. With yelping vocals over squealing guitars and electrified drums, the young band is probably best described
as a cross between Klaxons and Clor on speed. Damn Shames cut their teeth playing small shows in the northern United Kingdom before being noticed by Luke Smith of Clor who offered to re-record their demos. They signed to Abeano/XL Recordings not long thereafter, two labels with some of the hottest young bands in the UK right now (like Blood Red Shoes and I Was A Cub Scout to name a few). If those labels are backing Damn Shames, then I'd be willing to wager that they're pretty much the best band ever. Can't wait to hear them play.

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