Monday, June 11, 2007

Division Day Signs With Eeenie Meenie

I recently tried to figure out what band I've written about the most, and if you're asking why I did this, then you don't know me that well. I love statistics and I love keeping lists, and this would have been just another in a long list of lists. I never figured this out because with almost 600 posts, this ended up being an imposing task, but if there was a band that I've written about the most, it would be LA's Division Day.

After a ton of buzz at CMJ and SXSW, packed shows on both coasts and some record label bullshit, the band has found a home on Eenie Meenie, who have also released albums from Oranger, Scissors For Lefty and Irving. Beartrap Island finally gets an official release in September. The band has a handful of dates, all of which are out west.

June 9 Visalia / Brewfest
June 14 San Francisco / supporting the Fratelli's @ the Fillmore
June 16 Los Angeles / supporting the Fratelli's @ the Avalon
June 22 Los Angeles / Safari Sam's - Sea Level goodbye party
July 21 Visalia / Cellar Door - All Music Festival
July 23 Los Angeles / Viper Room - Indie 103... Check One, Two
Aug 18 Los Angeles / Sunset Junction – Bates Stage @ 12:50pm

[Myspace] Division Day
[mp3] "Lights Out"


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