Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Young Knives @ Harper's Ferry [Tonight]

A couple weeks ago, The Young Knives had a bit of trouble getting into the country, forcing them to postpone their show at Great Scott. They eventually made it here, as they played a million SXSW shows and they are at Harper's Ferry tonight to play tunes from their recently released Voices Of Animals And Men. It's an album that is filled with infectious tunes, like "She's Attracted To," "Mystic Energy" and the indie disco hit "Weekends And Bleak Days [Hot Summer]."

The trio formed nearly a decade ago, and although they resemble the dudes that shelve your books at the local library, they play quirky, punk-infused Brit rock that is heavy on the colloquialisms. I was so busy last week in Austin that I wasn't able to catch them, so tonight's my chance. Show up early to catch some of Boston's finest, including Exitfare favorite Protokoll.

[Myspace] The Young Knives
[mp3] "Mystic Energy"
[mp3] "She's Attracted To"
[Video] "Weekends And Bleak Days [Hot Summer]"


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