Monday, June 05, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 06.05.06]

I went to Maine for the first time this weekend, but I forgot my camera, so I can't show you pictures of me crossing the state line or me posing with a lobster or some crazy shit like that. I didn't venture too far into the state -- only made it the Wells/Kennebunk area, and despite the rain, it was a good day. Figures that the sun would come out today, when I had to go to work.

Not a lot of shows this week. The good ones are going down tonight, as Radiohead is playing for the second straight night in Boston. My co-workers are going, so I'll hear plenty of reviews tomorrow, but really, the spectacle of a big show is not for me. Unless it's Journey! Cold War Kids, who were here just over a month ago, are back and I could not be more excited.

06.05: Tapes n' Tapes/Figurines/Cold War Kids @ Middle East Down
Last time Fullerton, CA's Cold War Kids came to town, it turned out to be a two date affair where they shored up their support in the suburbs before laying the entire city on its ass with their tight interpretation of soul and classic rock. A month later, the band is on tour again, returning as champions on a bill that is filled with some of the best rising bands of this year.
Audio: "We Used To Vacation"

06.05: Radiohead/Willy Mason @ Bank of America Pavillion

06.06: The Black Angels/Pink Mountaintops @ Middle East Up

06.07: Transistor Transistor @ Great Scott

06.08: Glass Candy/Chromatics @ Great scott

06.08: Dungen/Witch @ Middle East Down


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Welllll, not that anyone else cares, but as one of those co-workers I can say that this is what I thought of Radiohead.


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