Monday, March 27, 2006

Boston: Shows [Week of 03.27.06]

Here is what the city of Boston has to offer this week -- it should be yet another fun and show filled time!

03.27: Magnolia Electric Co./Destroyer/Nedelle @ Middle East Down

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03.27: The Joggers/Georgie James/Night Rally @ Middle East Up
I've seen this band a ton, so one more time won't hurt, right? Their SXSW performance was marked by crazy guitar theatrics and other jams of that sort, plus they did a cover of "Long Distance Runaround"!
Audio: "Hot Autism"

03.29: Kelly Stoltz @ Great Scott

03.29: Scout Niblett @ Middle East Up

04.01: Frank Smith/Jake Brennan & the Confidence Men @ Great Scott

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04.02: Hard-Fi/ @ The Paradise
Hard-Fi are back in town and this time you have to pay [the last show was sponsered by WFNX], but it will be worth it, as they are one of the best live shows I've seen in the 2k6!
Audio: "Feltham Is Singing Out"

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04.02: The Stills/Sam Roberts @ T.T. The Bears
I kinda killed the first album from The Stills by listening to it way too much, but whatever, it's an awesome time. Despite tweaking their sound a bit, it looks as though their sophomore release will be another winner.
Audio: "In The Beginning"

04.02: They Shoot Horses, Don't They @ Great Scott

If there are any other shows this week, let me know and I'll get them up here.


Blogger c said...

i am still grappling with the new stills stuff - but i love that last album. and magnolia elecric co. - i have a few tunes from them and love them, but i need to get more in depth with their stuff. a good week for beantown :=)

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