Thursday, August 11, 2005

it's a good day for iced coffee

So in some Exitfare news, I've added some new links off to the side as of late. Check them out off to the side: Headphones Sex has links to great dance music and football, Big Stereo has hooked me up with a great Lady Sovereign track and two out-of-print Pajama Party jams and then there's the Superficial, which is more celebrity gossip. And I love celebrity gossip.

Other stuff. So after Chris over at Gorilla vs. Bear posted some tracks from Avenue D, I checked them out and fell in love (in more ways than one!). Since then, I've been bouncing e-mails back and forth with Daphne from the duo with hopes of doing something for them at work. She even sent me the EP! Hell, maybe since they're in Brooklyn they'll come to the Planetary party at CMJ?


Anonymous travis said...

mmm.. love some ave d.

did you get their new ep? what is it?

9:28 AM EDT  

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