Monday, August 08, 2005

central park quiet down i need to make a sound

[pictures via Death of a Party]

Holy fuck, out of all the fun I had this weekend, M.I.A. ruled the shit on Sunday! So good, and she played all of the hits. Because she has all hits. My friends and I were rocking out in the back for most of the show and then we elbowed our way to the front [sorry] to rock out. We danced so hard, the highlight was probably "Bucky Done Gun," but like I said, all she has are hits. Mr. Vegas was top notch, but there was some confusion as to whether had flown in the day of the show or the night before. Diplo's set was good, but not great but I guess the man can't be on his game all of the time. He dropped too many hits and not enough of the baile funk.

Perhaps I'll have more later.


Blogger Chris said...

dude i'm so fucking jealous!

when i saw diplo in austin, he told me that maya would probably never come to texas again.

5:41 PM EDT  

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