Monday, July 18, 2005

life in 2006

So this weekend was pretty rad. Friday night I did nothing and it was nothing short of great. Saturday, I took the Fung Wah to NYC around 10 to check out Siren Fest 2k5 on Coney Island, but I missed a bunch of the bands that I wanted to see, like The Dears, Morningwood and Nine Black Alps. I did catch Q and Not U, Brendan Benson and Mates of State though. Mates played the tqo songs from them I liked, but they seemed to play forever, so I strolled to the end of the street with my new superbud. Other highlights of the day include:

-the young girl who vomited all over a random woman's foot
-the rock on the Cyclone
-talking about music with Cameron
-drinking in Brooklyn [oddly enough, Elliott Smith used to hang there when he lived in there]
-the two random dudes who talked to us [Kelly and James] and even weirder is how they BOTH work in the music industry

Tonight I will make up for missing Nine Black Alps on Saturday by seeing them at Great Scott in Allston. Good stuff....


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