Thursday, July 14, 2005

me without a gun is like Queens without the bridge

I've been in Boston for over a week now, and I've come to conclusions on a number of things:

-I do not like my neighborhood, Jamaica Plain. Too granola and hippie for me.
-The public transit system here is like 1000 times better than Septa in Philly.
-Walking around the city is pretty sweet, as things are fairly close together

I do plan on moving into another neighnorhood in a couple of months, but I just need to find the perfect place and all of that.

I went to my first Boston show Tuesday night. Caesars played at The Paradise, which is right off of the B line. It was a good show, and I met up with one of my work's interns. I was really surprised at how early the show started, like, I decided to roll in at 9:30 so I could see the last two bands, and as I walk in, there are Caesars almost done setting up.

Siren Fest is this weekend, and despite it normally being too crowded and way too hot, I am totally pumped to go. I mean, it's free, a great place too see friends and bands, and seriously, what's more fun than riding the Cyclone while drinking a 40? Right...

Plus, Q and Not U is breaking up soon [who are playing], along with Dungen, The Dears, Nine Black Alps, the Detachment Kit, and yeah a lot more.


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