Friday, August 12, 2005

Airborn Audio review

So I never ended up seeing Airborn Audio perform the other night. I saw the dudes walking around and I did see Certified Bananas drop some awesome shit for awhile, but the event was a total Smirnoffdrinking event/singles mixer. I don't think anyone was there to see CB or AA and I looked like a fucking dork drinking Bud and standing in the corner alone [Boston be my friend] and on top of that, it was at the Redline, which is rather yuppie. Ok, it's really fucking yuppie. It was hilarious watching everyone awkwardly talk to each other, especially this probably just divorced 40-something dude with a martini that held the most hollow conversation with these two attractive college-aged girls. Good times. Hey, maybe next time Airborn.


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i really need to get laid.

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