Sunday, June 12, 2005

So here we are

The weekend is over and that's a good thing for a number of reasons. For starters, I worked and it was humid as all hell. Making Time was basically a bust last night due to the weather and too many people cramped onto the main floor. I left at 1 and didn't even think of going to Hollertronix. When I got home, I was downright miserable.

Q & Not U are slowly turning into one of those rare bands that get better with age. Their old albums are taking on new life, and with each new release, they approach the music differently so as to not sound rote. Check out the remix of "Wonderful People" on their MySpace page. And if anyone has an mp3 of this, you know what to do...

There are some decent shows in Philly next weekend!

Bloc Party play the Trocadero on Saturday night. This show is way beyond the point of being sold out, and that's even after it was moved from the First Unitarian Church.

On Saturday and Sunday nights, Modest Mouse is taking over the Electric Factory", and unfortunately Saturday night is sold out. They are big stars now, and chances are the show is going to be filled with annoying teenagers and people that used to beat you up in high school, but really, drop the fucking "indier-than-thou" act and go anyway. Why? Cuz Good News for People Who Like Bad News is their best album yet and the band still owns it live.


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