Sunday, June 05, 2005

Snowed In

Everything has been keeping me busy as of late, but there is way too much good stuff going on to NOT mention.

It's nice to see that this year's Siren Fest lineup has been annoucned. For those of you that don't know, the Siren Fest is an annual free festival on Brooklyn's Coney Island that's sponsered by the Village Voice. Past years have included Sleater-Kinney, Les Savy Fav, The Thermals, Idlewild, Modest Mouse and Ted Leo/Rx. You get it, the cream of the indie rock crop. The fifth annual fest features [so far]: Spoon, Mates of State, Brendan Benson, Dungen, Q and Not U, VHS or Beta and The Dears. There will be more bands added with some of the speculative choices being The Arcade Fire and Dinosaur Jr.

I tend to be really pumped about going every single year, but once the day rolls around, I am always reminded of why fests like these are often a bother: way too many people, standing in the sun for ten hours and beer that gets warm in under five minutes. Apparently 170,000 went last year.

Tuesday is a big day for new releases. Some really good stuff is dropping!

The Annie album [Anniemal] finally gets a stateside release. It's been out in Europe since last year and being the Saint Etienne/Kylie obsessive that I am, I picked it up at a modest import price, but I am sure I will be clowned once again when Tower or Best Buy will sell it for like $7.99.

"Hey, we're Coldplay and our songs can make grass growing seem like the most intense emotional experience ever. Buy our new album because in a few months we'll be the biggest band in the world." Seriously though, X & Y is ridiculous.

Get Behind Me Satan leaked a few weeks ago and I haven't really made a call on it yet. There are some really good tracks, but some of them are making me feel "eh," but we'll see.

Here are some tracks to sample:
"The Nurse"

American Apparel, one of my favorite places to buy clothes was profiled in the New York Times a few days ago. Their products are brand free and all of the employees in the company, from the administrative staff down to the factory workers, are paid a fair living wage and provided with full benefits. Read the article, it's well-written and interesting, and for those of you who have been to the Noho store in NYC, you'll totally understand.

The Orioles have been in first place since April 23rd, and Melvin Mora [above] helped the team extend their lead to 3 games over the Red Sox. The Orioles beat the Tigers 14-7 last night in a total home run barrage. Miguel Tejeda and Rafael Palmeiro contributed to the assault. And to think, the O's were down 7-3 after three innings.


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