Monday, May 30, 2005

I'm feeling it, like shit.

Since it was Memorial Day and all that, the weekend was a tad bit longer, but I ended up working today because I thought it would be nice to save up some time and a half cash for my maybe/maybe not move. The first interview is this week. Wish me luck....

Anyway, the Orioles , who were swept by the fucking Tigers this weekend, totally killed the Red Sox tonight, 8-1. Nothing is sweeter than this picture, especially to a long-suffering O's fan:

Also, the Hold Steady show Thursday night was pretty nice, except for a certain someone [uhh me] having trouble staying awake for the entire show. Highlights include "The Swish" and "Your Little Hoodrat Friend." Check out their site for an mp3 of both songs.

Lastly, check out You Ain't No Picasso for an awesome Belle & Sebastian bootleg. All you have to do is scroll down a bit and click on the link. YANP is a site I have been reading regularly, and while some of the coverage is a little too poppy/indie for me, I can still give it two rousing thumbs up.


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