Thursday, May 26, 2005

Philadelphia on blast

Usually by this time in May, the weather is consistently in the 70s and we're riding out the spring with good feelings until the muggy summer hits. OK like whatever, it might have been like 50 the past few days and there have been times where I am chilly in a jacket. Enough about the weather because the weather is for boring people.

Tonight, the Hold Steady are playing at
the North Star Bar , with Eugene Mirman opening. Eugene has always been a nice addition to Stella performances, and it will be nice to see him in front of a great live band. The Hold Steady were totally on fire last time I saw them, but it might have had to do with being supported by the fucking Thermals....

Here's a Hold Steady mp3: "The Swish"

In other news, thanks to this guy, the Orioles have tightened their grip on first in the AL East. Umm, who's fading?

I am totally over The Bravery .

I just picked up the new Common album. So. Fucking. Good. Seriously, the teaming of him and Kanye has come off perfectly. I am pretty sure this album is exactly what they intended to make when they went into the studio.

I also nabbed the new Sleater-Kinney album. Good stuff, but this is going to take awhile to grow on me.

mp3: "Entertain"


Anonymous Sulyn said...

Right On about The Bravery. They are so done. I was just thinking that this morning when I saw the video for Honest Mistake.

6:27 PM EDT  

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