Friday, June 10, 2005

Maximo Park--North Star Bar/06.09.05

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Despite the humidity and general malaise of last night, I wandered over to the North Star Bar for some Maximo Park action. It was a good show, with most of the album [A Certain Trigger] being played, plus some new ones. Their lead singer was quite the active one, pointing at girls in the balcony, jumping up and down and even ripping his pants fairly early in the show while in mid-air. Good job! I stayed for the entire set, and I am really glad I did. They don't excite me too much, but the show was definitely worth it.

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Troubled Hubble opened the show, and their set was mainly forgettable. I caught the last three minutes, and all I can really compare them to is a boring Built to Spill or Promise Ring. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys are from like the deep Midwest or something like that because those people are usually way behind the curve. I do like the cover of their new album though! That's their stage set-up above.

There are still tickets for the M.I.A. show at Transit on Monday, and my god do I ever wanna go.

And most importantly, it seems as though my days in Philly are numbered. I've just been hired as a college radio promoter at the Planetary Group in Boston. I start July 1st! Anyone wanna take my place in Philly/find me a place in Boston?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

kiss the orioles goodbye. red sox country here we come...

-steph moran.

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