Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dear Summer

I've been back in Philly since November. My time out West kinda sucked a lot, although I made some pretty cool friends. I was just lost and out of sorts and I didn't really fit in, but I wasn't too keen on moving back to Philly. All I really wanted was my old life in NYC back--AAM, Amanda, living near the Queens Center Mall and all of the shows and fun with friends. My impatience and mishandling of things got the best of me, so I decided that I needed to make a go of it in Philly.

Things have worked out pretty much perfectly here, except for my job. Music industry jobs are few and far between here, and I had one dangled in my face last month, only to have them hedge and then decide that they weren't ready to hire someone. Whatever, all I have to remember is to be patient.

Last week, Tim dropped me an e-mail that might change everything. Tim has always been there for me and is basically the big brother that I never had, and the one that I need from time to time.

Enough of that. This blog is going to be all about music, sports, fun and whatever. I'll keep the ponitfying to myself and my friends.

Feel better Christina. Today was my birthday and there is still time to get hype!!!

This week's listening list:

-M.I.A. "You're Good"

-The Go! Team "Huddle Formation"

"Public Pervert [Carlos D Remix]"

-The Killers vs. Europe "Somebodies Countdown [Fake ID/Lionel Vinyl Mix]"

There's more, but that's fucking enough right now. The last one is from Boom, which always has a lot of great grime and dance mp3s and dance party info. The only downside is that it is based in England.


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