Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wintermute: New EP

Myspace // "Spanish Girls" [mp3]

Two months ago, the brilliant Leeds-based On the Bone Records released the debut EP from locals Wintermute, a band that has become the premier math-pop band in Northern England. Much like contemporaries such as Foals and Dartz!, the band has capitalized on the promise of early singles with a memorable first release, albeit in Wintermute's case we're only getting an EP. Fun with Wizard Stencils may be quite a tease at only six tracks, but the band has opted for quality over quantity, especially on "Spanish Girls" and "Jambon! Jambon!"

Also, you Leeds bands need to quit it with the video game references (scroll down to the last question) or everyone might think you're quite nerdy! Not that it's a bad thing...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're not nerds. We are quite geeky tho. :)

Dave Mute x

8:27 AM EST  

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