Thursday, October 02, 2008

Samtidigt som

[Photo Credit: Niklas Hjelm]

Myspace // "Constant in Motion" [mp3]

I just spent an hour tracking down info about Samtidigt som on the internet, but I am basically in the same spot as I was when I started. I need to brush up on my Swedish. What I do know is this: the band is from Gothenburg (Göteborg), a city that is Sweden's capital of indie rock, birthing other great such as Broder Daniel/Hakan Hellstrom, Chester Copperpot, and Kristoffer Ragnstam. The band plays hyperactive indie rock that occasionally touches on punk rock and they've just released their debut EP, Denna sida mot fienden, which is available from Luxxury Records. If anyone out there knows Swedish, please tell me more about these guys.

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post this mp3 again! please

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