Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wounded Lion - Pony People

In L.A. secrets are hard to keep. Underground shows sell out as quickly as Staples Center events. In every article I read about No Age, there is an obligatory mention of The Smell and L.A.'s downtown music scene. But in L.A., if you've already heard about it, chances are it's no secret.

There are still bands to discover. The art punks in Wounded Lion put on raucous live shows, but you will rarely catch them playing hip venues. Instead, the band plays parties or gallery openings.

Things may change for Wounded Lion. Earlier this summer they made a video for their song "Pony People" with visual artist Brian Bress. A write up in the LA Weekly, an opening slot at The Echo and a record on the way can mean only one thing--the secret's out.


"Pony People" will be the B-side on Wounded Lion's yet to be released single onĀ S-S Records although it sounds more like an A-side.



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