Friday, July 25, 2008

The Take Over, Until Dany's Breaks Over

While Dany drives through the flyover states, Exitfare will be brought to you by Know Yr Product.

The Teeth are no more. The Philadelphia band that talked the talk and walked the walk retired as of April 2008. According to a recent MySpace bulletin, a new band has formed around The Teeth’s surviving members. Calling themselves The Purples, former Teeth play unsurprisingly similar songs. That’s the good part. The bad part is the loss of parting Tooth Aaron MoDavis. His songs, like secrets shared, provided a good balance to brother Peter’s songs describing moments of drunken sincerity.

But let’s focus on better things. Head to The Purples’s MySpace page to hear a cover of Scary Mansion’s “Scum Inside.” Scary Mansion is the music project of Brooklyn artist Leah Hayes. Her song should be played at The Teeth’s wake. It makes you want to celebrate their life and not mourn their death. The haunting organ and lullaby guitar are like old times, but the clandestine confession in the lyrics makes the tune sound like a Peter song disguised as a Aaron song.

The Teeth are dead, long live The Teeth!

Hear Here:

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Blogger TJ said...

I was confused, but only for a minute.

About the Joey / Dany switcheroo, not the Teeth.

8:23 AM EDT  

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