Monday, July 21, 2008

Black Flashes

Myspace // "Barricades" (Rough Demo) [mp3]

It's those things that you can't control that anger us the most, even trivial things like bands breaking up. There are those bands out there that should break up and when they do, you're glad that they did. On the other hand, when you become invested in an exciting new band only to have them call it quits before they actually follow through on their promise, these are the times when you are understandably gutted.

In the past year, English indie rock has already "lost" Mother Vulpine, but thankfully they were reborn as Pulled Apart By Horses. Not unexpectedly, Newcastle quartet (and eventually trio) Kubichek! called it quits, leaving an undeniably masterful debut in their wake, a nearly perfect collection of tunes that took the Bloc Party blueprint and made it better.

Recently, while I was nosing about to see what the band was up to, I saw that they had disbanded, but then quickly regrouped as Black Flashes, a band that is promising to to carry the torch of their previous outfit into new and unchartered territory. They've played just a handful of gigs up north, but as evidenced by their three demos, they are a band to get very excited about.

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